Classroom Software

All computers in centrally-supported spaces are imaged with the same base software listed below.

7-Zip Microsoft Office 2021 (Office 365 not available for managed devices)
Adobe Acrobat Reader* Top Hat Presentation Tool
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client VLC Media Player
Google Chrome Visual Studio Code
Mozilla Firefox Zoom Meetings

*Adobe Acrobat Pro is available upon request, however the Pro version requires that users must have a VCU Adobe account, an Acrobat Pro or greater named-user license, AND users must separately sign-in and re-authenticate with their VCU eID on each computer every 14 days.

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Instructor Requests for Software

For software that is not listed above, instructors may request any software title from the VCU Software Center that is available for localized deployment to classroom computers.  Email your request to  Be sure to include the name and version of the software as well as the building name(s) and room number(s) where you are teaching.  Note: Requests for additional software may take up to 15 business days to be deployed.

Some software requests may not be be fulfilled, such as:

  • Some software in the VCU Software Center is ONLY available via the App2Go service. We cannot deploy any proprietary software that has not been reviewed by the IT Governance Committee and the VCU Office of Procurement Services. This includes trials of non-free software.
  • If the software you've requested is considered "open-source" and is freely available:
    • We will review the terms and conditions, EULA (end-user license agreement), and/or other agreement language to ensure educational use is permitted.
    • Some devices such as Wacom writing/drawing tablets and Logitech presenter remotes may be considered for exception, however these requests will be considered only on a case-by-case basis.
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