Classroom Lecture Capture

Software Capture - Kaltura Classroom

As an alternative to Zoom recordings where a conferencing option isn't needed, Kaltura Classroom is available by request on a per classroom basis for recording classroom presentations. Every centrally-managed classroom with a podium, even the standard size classrooms, has a microphone installed on top of the podium that allows for spoken content to be recorded as well.  In more advanced systems, audio from wireless microphones, classroom microphones, as well as video feeds from cameras can also be captured if the room has these capabilities.

Presentations captured using this software require that presenters provide their VCU eID after the recording has completed for background upload to VCU's Kaltura MediaSpace directly into a user's specific Media Files.

To find out what equipment is available in your classroom, please review our lists of classrooms by building for the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus.

For more information about Kaltura Classroom, please visit our Kaltura Classroom (Software Capture) website.

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