General Prerequisites

In order to be able to include a Kramer VIA wireless presentation unit on our Centrally Managed system, all of the following must be met and accepted.

  • Device must be in a university-owned building. Hospital buildings are not supported.
  • Device must be on VCU’s MediaNet by way of physical category cable.
  • VCU Safenet must be available for users to connect to the device wirelessly.
    • Only Safenet users will be able to connect to the device due to VCU network services security protocols
  • Device must be a currently supported model by Kramer Electronic and VCU Media Support Services. Any other units would require specific approval prior to being allowed on the central system.
    • Connect Pro
    • Connect 2
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Standard Device Profile

  • Standard VCU Splash Screen
    • This is a generic VCU branded splash screen with basic functionality instruction for users.
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Youtube player
    • For video streaming from direct youtube link (HDCP content will not display)
  • Media Player
    • Plays media directly from your device by streaming over a separate encrypted path between your device and the VIA Connect Pro for improved video transmission rates compared to mirrored content.
  • Auto Reboot scheduled for 11:30 pm every night (for device stability).
  • Note: Other capabilities advertised by the manufacturer are not enabled for security purposes, mostly related to data storage risks
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