Firmware Update Management

The firmware update process is a scheduled process managed by MSS Classroom Support and coordinated with the owning department. Below is an outline of responsibilities for each.

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MSS Classroom Support Responsibilities

  • Test Firmware releases:
    • Firmware Updates will be tested by MSS Classroom Support on test servers for a minimum of 2 weeks to verify functionality is not interrupted on VCU’s deployment model.
      • If an operating system, such as iOS, deploys a change to one of their version releases that changes wireless presentation protocols within the applications without proper warning, an emergency update may be applied after brief testing on our test servers. (This occured with the release of iOS 11.)
    • Schedule Firmware Update through VCU Change Management Process
      • Once firmware updates have been tested, department representatives will be contacted to let them know when the system wide updates will be scheduled.
      • Under normal circumstances, these updates will be scheduled between 12:30 am and 6:30 am on the prescribed date.
      • Unless a security risk or other major functionality fix requires a firmware immediate update, these firmware updates will be scheduled during non-peak times such as spring break or between major semesters.
      • All scheduled updates will be communicated with listserv. If you would like to be added to this, please submit a wireless presentation service ticket.
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Owning Department Responsibilities

  • Ensure their device(s) are powered on and functioning properly at the time of the firmware updates.
  • While it shouldn’t be necessary, it is possible that a device will need to be manually restarted by a department representative after the update takes place.
  • After the firmware has been updated, departments will be notified to test their device to ensure everything functions properly.
  • Supported Firmware
    • As long as the specific model of the wireless presentation device is still supported by the manufacturer's firmware release updates, these devices will be included in the update schedule. After a device reaches end of life, firmware support will be discontinued.

Note: While every effort will be made to ensure the firmware update is scheduled and executed properly, if there are any issues that require a technician to provide on site support, a departmental service call will need to be requested at and a budget code provided.

Note to MSS E&D Customers: The E&D 1 year system warranty covers the installation workmanship and that system hardware functions without defect. The responsibilities listed here are considered ongoing maintenance and are handed over to the department at system sign-off.

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